Feedback is fuel.

By collecting qualitative and quantitative data from hundreds or even thousands of interactions over time—for example, eight years of soccer or baseball with input from three or four coaches per year—PowerPlayer creates rich, deep, and true profiles of individual athletes as they develop.

PowerPlayer benefits athletes, coaches, and organizations.

Unlike typical top down, closed scouting systems, PowerPlayer data is visible and beneficial to the individuals who are being assessed, and to those assessing them. And with PowerPlayer, the athlete’s data stays and grows with them – from team to team and year to year.

PowerPlayer is a permission-based system.

Because PowerPlayer accounts and the data they contain are controlled by athletes and / or their parents, no coach, scout, or organization can access an athlete’s account (to either read or write data) unless granted permission by that athlete or their parent or legal guardian.


For players / parents:

PowerPlayer captures quantitative and qualitative data relating to athletic development, maps individual capabilities relative to anonymous peers, allows them to understand physical and non-physical factors that impact how coaches perceive them, and empowers them to make decisions that will help them achieve their goals.

  • Permanent, shareable record of development progress
  • Breakdown of competency in key skills / attributes
  • Comparable data to gauge personal capability
  • Video to help understand coaching staff instructions

For coaches:

PowerPlayer delivers insights that can help them teach to individual strengths and weaknesses, make team-level decisions that take best advantage of the collective capabilities and attributes of their athletes, and communicate more efficiently and effectively with athletes and parents.

  • Clear delineation of team strengths and weaknesses
  • Clear delineation of individual player strengths and weaknesses
  • One on one communication with players / parents
  • Data to create smarter practice and game plans
  • At-a-glance assessments to guide player instruction

“One of the great things about the PowerPlayer program is the continuous feedback from coaches. Players can review game play feedback and compare it to their own assessment of the game. Having an understanding of where they are in the coach’s mind allows the player to target key areas and improve.”

Kevin Russell
Father of Mitch Russell
North Bay Battalion OHL