See athletes develop in a whole new way.

Viewing data.

Depending on who’s viewing the data—coaches, players, parents, scouts, etc.—PowerPlayer serves up a suite of reports that provide both at-a-glance and deep-dive options and comparisons.

For coaches.

Because they need insight at both the individual and team levels, coaches can view both individual player and team-level reports. PowerPlayer’s comparative system illuminates opportunities to offer one-on-one instruction to help individual players improve specific aspects of their game, and to make team-level practice and game decisions based on collective capabilities, strengths and challenges.

For players / parents.

Players (and parents) can view personal reports that show how the player is doing relative their historical scores and to others in their peer group. Players can see, for example, how their team’s coaching staff rates their game play relative to their team as a whole, with team highs, lows, and averages provided for comparison. Video and / or coaching staff comments can help them understand where adjustments can be made. And over time, personal strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies — as viewed through the eyes of a number of coaches — are tracked as each player works to improve.

“We used PowerPlayer all season and it really helped clarify areas where we needed to work on specifics. Individual skill levels were captured in the Puck Skills and Skating metrics drills, and through analysis of Game Play ratings we found direct correlations to specific areas that needed to be enhanced for each player as the season progressed.”

Stan Kondrotas
Assistant Coach
2015-16 Barrie Colts Bantam AAA