Feedback drives athletes!

Want to give players instant feedback after tryouts, evaluations, clinics, camps, practices, or games? With PowerPlayer you can provide individualized insight, instruction, and motivation to each and every athlete in just a matter of minutes.


Coaches can provide metrics and ratings for PowerPlayer’s Field Hockey top level categories from a single screen. From physical fundamentals like quickness and lateral movement to intangibles like instincts, work ethic and aggressiveness, PowerPlayer ticks all the boxes.


Quickly and easily add comments and video to any rating to help your players — and their parents — see what you’re seeing, gain understanding, and get to what’s next.


PowerPlayer Field Hockey data adds up fast, and helps create a complete picture of individual player and collective team strengths and challenges in a very short time. That’s the kind of information that helps you coach with clarity and purpose.

Subscription Fees.

PowerPlayer subscription fees are US $29.99 per athlete for any twelve month period.

Note: There is no cost for coaches, organizations, or teams to use PowerPlayer.

If you’re interested in pre-paid subscriptions for your team / organization, contact us about volume pricing.

“I think the reaction from parents is most rewarding. They’re wide-eyed in amazement that we pay such close attention to their children.”

Kelly Collins
Head Coach / Evolve Field Hockey
Fairport, NY

Want to get feedback into your game?

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