Organizations / Coaches

How much does PowerPlayer cost?
PowerPlayer subscription fees are US $29.99 per athlete for a twelve month period.
If you’re interested in a pre-paid subscription for your team or organization, please contact us for information about volume pricing.

Note: There is no cost for coaches or organizations or teams to use PowerPlayer. Athlete accounts must be funded by either personal subscription paid via credit card or by a pre-paid team subscription and connected by permission to a team account to enable data input by designated coaches.

How do I create a PowerPlayer account for my club or team?
Contact us and we’ll get you set up and guide you through the coach / player onboarding process.

What kind of data does PowerPlayer collect?
PowerPlayer is a feedback platform built around a Performance Evaluation System (or PES). 

PowerPlayer data consists of Metrics (objective measurables such as time, accuracy, etc.) and Ratings (subjective measurables such as competitiveness, coachability, etc.) PowerPlayer is designed to provide extremely low cost data collection for athletes, relying on human inputs for metrics rather than costly and cumbersome digital or laser data collection systems (PowerPlayer will ultimately be configured to accept and record such data). Some variation in data can be expected with any human-driven input (as with digital inputs) but with time and frequency a significant volume of data (with extreme outliers removed) provides the essential truth about an athlete.

For ratings data, as with any assessment system, every coach, scout or recruiter assesses athletes according to their own personal criteria and against their own set of experiences. Again, given time, frequency, and a number of people providing ratings, the PowerPlayer data set reveals the essential truth about an athlete, and as with other outliers, extreme bias one way or the other is detected and mitigated by the system.

Some rinks are different from others. Won’t variations in distances impact player times in some drills?
We considered variations in rink dimensions as we developed PowerPlayer, always keeping in mind our overall goals for the system. The primary player-related objectives of PowerPlayer are:

  • to motivate athletes to compete in practice or off-ice drills at the same level as they compete in games;
  • to provide athletes with a feedback loop so they can see how they’re doing and get personalized instruction from their coaches to help them improve;
  • to collect a body of data over time in order to create a realistic picture of them as an athlete.

The primary coach-related objectives of PowerPlayer are:

  • to provide a low-hassle, low-cost, easy to implement system that can be used on an anytime basis (a couple of drills per practice rather than requiring a dedicated facility setup);
  • to provide a means for them to communicate more frequently and more personally with their players and their parents;
  • to collect a body of knowledge about individual and team capabilities and tendencies.

Given those objectives, we knew we had to design a system that would work with the tools at hand during a typical practice:

  • the field, court, or rink itself;
  • the standard equipment needed to play the sport;
  • cones or tires;
  • shooter tutors;
  • a whistle;
  • the coaches.

Variations in measurements come into play in a few drills within the system. However, PowerPlayer was not designed to be a precision metrics system like those that rely on high-cost digital gates and sensors that are set up for single sessions. Our research indicated that most teams practice at one or two facilities consistently all year. Over time, the sheer volume of PowerPlayer data results in a data set that mitigates small variations in accuracy such as distances, and minor human variations such as lag time in clicking stop / start buttons.

Do coaches have to run all PowerPlayer drills in one practice or use all the ratings tools?
PowerPlayer drills are designed to be run any time and in any combination. Coaches can choose a set of drills that they feel are age-appropriate and the frequency with which they plan to collect data. Some coaches dedicate one practice per month to a PowerPlayer session, others simply run one or two PowerPlayer drills per week. Some coaches use game play ratings to assess every game. Others choose not to use that aspect at all. Obviously the more frequently players run through the drills, and the more a coach inputs ratings on player’s proficiency or performance, the more data they collect and the more they’re able to see trends and improvement.

Do I need an internet connection or wifi in order to use PowerPlayer?
No. The PowerPlayer mobile application stores data locally on any device and forwards it to the system’s databases when that device is connected to the internet.

What types of devices does the PowerPlayer application run on?
PowerPlayer is a web-based system designed to be accessed on any device with the capability to load a browser.

What data do coaches and administrators see?
Coaches and administrators see individualized, comparable data for each and every player on their team, as well as aggregate, anonymous comparison data from a wider data set, where available.

Parents / Athletes

How do I create a PowerPlayer account for my child?
If you or your child (under the age of 18) will be playing for a PowerPlayer-enabled organization, you will be provided with a link to create an account. Just click on the link and follow the prompts. You’ll be asked to create a personal account for yourself (to serve as administrator of your child’s account), then prompted to create an account for your child.

I’ve set up my / my child’s PowerPlayer account. Now what?
Once you’ve set up your child’s account, you’ll need to connect their PowerPlayer account to the account of the team they’ll be playing on. Simply input the team PowerPlayer account number provided by their team’s head coach or manager and click through the confirmation emails. Once your child’s account is connected to their team account it can begin accepting PowerPlayer metrics and ratings data input from the team’s coaching staff.

How much does PowerPlayer cost?
PowerPlayer is a subscription-based system.

Player accounts must be active (funded by either personal subscription paid via credit card or by a pre-paid organization / team subscription) and connected by permission to an organization / team account to enable data input by its designated coaches.

PowerPlayer subscription fees range from US $4.99 per month / $29.99 per year (for players under 11 years of age) to $9.99 per month / $89.99 per year (for players 11 years old and up).

Does data travel with me / my child from team to team?
Yes, PowerPlayer data is retained in personal accounts, providing trend information over time.

How does the permission system work?
PowerPlayer is designed around the premise that the account-holder (parent/guardian or individual over the age of 18) holds the right to grant or revoke read/write privileges to any organization and its coaches. Accepting an invitation to connect a personal account to an organization account grants certain read/write privileges. Either party can terminate the connection at any time.

What data do I / my child see?
You / your child can see only your own or your child’s personal data and certain aggregate, anonymous comparison data.

What data do my coaches / my child’s coaches see?
Coaches can see data for all individual players on their specific teams, as well as aggregate, anonymous comparison data from a wider data set where available.

Will other players or teammates see my / my child’s name and data?
Other players / parents will not be able to see your or your child’s data, other than as part of an aggregated, anonymous comparison data set. For example, if your daughter is a U14 AAA player, her anonymized data may be incorporated into a wider data set that can be used to establish averages for comparison purposes.

How often will I see updated metrics, ratings and PowerPlayer scores?
PowerPlayer data is updated in real time, based on certain frequencies built into the algorithm. The frequency and extent with which your child’s coaches use the system will determine the volume, depth and variability of meaningful trend data.

Can more than one organization input data to my child’s account at one time? What about camps and clinics?
You can grant permission to multiple organization accounts simultaneously, enabling coaches from different organizations such as camps and clinics to input data to your child’s account.

What if my child has a PowerPlayer personal account but their coach / team does not?
PowerPlayer data can only be input by authorized, verified coaches who are connected to organizations to which permission has been granted by a parent, or by an athlete over the age of 18. In order for that to be possible, a coach must have a personal account and be connected to an organization account.

Can I input data or edit the data in my account / my child’s account?
PowerPlayer is designed to collect data from credible, verifiable sources – the coaches and instructors who have been asked to help guide the development of young athletes. Unless you are a verified, PowerPlayer-enabled coach for your child’s team (in which case you will have limited, short-term ability to edit your own comments but not data) you will not have the ability to input, edit or delete any data in your child’s account.

Can I share the data in my child’s account? What if I want family members, other coaches or organizations to see my child’s data?
You have the right to connect an account you control to any organization (and by extension to its designated staff members) that has a verified organization account and that has invited your child to connect. Simply provide your child’s PowerPlayer account number to the coach you’d like to share their data with and accept the subsequent invitation to connect. You can disconnect at any time.

NOTE: As with any passworded web based system that contains sensitive or private information, sharing login credentials with others is strongly discouraged. Anyone who logs into an administration level account (ie a parent’s account controlling the account of a minor) will have full privileges and access to all settings and personal information.

How are PowerPlayer scores calculated?
PowerPlayer scores — the numbers that indicate an athlete’s proficiency or rating in any dimension or category — are calculated using a proprietary, patent-pending algorithm that incorporates data elements to arrive at a single number that represents an overall rankable score. If we told you any more, well, you know…