Challenge accepted.

Dave Mason

So here we are.

Almost six months into an ongoing pandemic that has tragically killed hundreds of thousands and impacted the lives of millions.

Seems most of us are doing what we can to help suppress transmission, while trying to find some new ‘normal’ in the upheaval. Needless to say it’s a very weird time. We’re watching NHL hockey played in empty arenas, with a crowd noise overlay that makes it feel a little like a sports version of a sitcom, but hey, weird is the new normal, right?

So what are youth coaches doing? How are they being creative in the face of health and safety concerns?

One innovation: PowerPlayer Fortnite and Fitness tournaments.

By inviting kids to sign up for a tournament that includes a fitness component and an online gaming component, coaches can achieve some key goals in a new way:

They can create a sense of team unity and collective fun, even while we’re distanced or not on the ice as much as we’d like.
They can get their players off the couch and into competitive physical activities.
They can raise money for their teams/clubs. 

Parents love the idea of combining a physical challenge with an e-sports challenge (something kids are doing anyway), and the fact that half the tournament fees go to the presenting team or club makes these tournaments a win-win-win.

So yeah. It’s weird right now.

But weird is the basis for innovation and new ways of doing things.

Want to learn more about our E-sports and Fitness fundraising program? Give us a buzz.

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