Loud and clear.

Dave Mason

In the last months we’ve shared PowerPlayer with countless coaches, hockey directors, and parents and we’re working with organizations from Anchorage to Philadelphia, from Syracuse to Sweden. No one has told us they think providing meaningful feedback to kids and their parents is a bad idea.

In fact, virtually everyone with whom we share the system immediately recognizes the obvious advantages to be gained from a more continuous flow of communication between people in the youth hockey ecosystem. And they quickly understand that while PowerPlayer does enable the collection and distribution of metrics, its primary purpose isn’t to serve as an analytics system. Its primary purpose is to enable coaches to connect with players (and their parents) individually at any time, something that’s virtually impossible without the power of technology.

For example, instead of simply telling a player “nice job” or “good game” as they leave the rink after a game, in just a few minutes a coach can use PowerPlayer to provide that same player with a meaningful, trackable assessment of their game play, and maybe add a comment or two that tell the player exactly what they saw and why it matters. That’s the difference between writing ‘nice work’ on a kid’s report card versus providing them with detailed breakdowns of their individual subject strengths and challenges, and some ideas on how to improve.

The reaction to PowerPlayer feedback from both players and parents has been powerful.

More than one coach has told us that after they’ve provided a few comments to their young players, the change in their demeanor, energy level and enthusiasm is noticeable. One comment—which a coach shared with us from one of his young players’ post-tryout, pre-season intangibles assessments—was so positive and empowering that my wife actually teared up when I read it to her. Her comment: “I can’t imagine what that message has done for that kid and his parents, or what something like that might have done for our kids when they were that age.”

PowerPlayer is designed to empower players by allowing coaches to do what they do best: to find and acknowledge the best in their players while helping them to identify and teach to the things that need specific focus. We’re energized by the enthusiasm we sense in the coaches and hockey directors we’re working with, and excited to help them make a positive difference in the lives of young people who love this game.

What’s the message in all of this? That coaches and parents know that a few encouraging words now and then can change any kid’s life for the better.

We hear that, loud and clear.

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