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PowerPlayer Baseball

Players love to compete, and to know what they need to do to improve. PowerPlayer Baseball helps coaches deliver continuous feedback that powers individual and team improvement.


Coaches can provide metrics and ratings for PowerPlayer’s Baseball top level categories from a single screen.


Metrics – Velocity, Time to Home, Spin Rate

Ratings – Control, Command, Holding Runner, Bunt Coverage / Fielding, Mechanics



Metrics – Pop Times to Second

Ratings – Receiving, Framing, Footwork, Blocking, Arm Strength, Pitching Calls, Handling Staff



Metrics – Arm Strength

Ratings – Range, Hands, Arm Strength, Footwork, Turns, Transfers



Metrics – Arm Strength 

Ratings – Range, Hands, Arm Strength, First Step, Angles, Coming In, Going Out, Catching, Throwing / Delivery



Metrics – Exit Velocity, Launch Angle

Ratings – Contact, Power, Aggressiveness, Pitch Recognition, Works Count, Hitting to all Fields



Metrics – 60 Yard Dash, 30 Yard Dash, 1st to Home, Home to 2nd

Ratings – Speed, First Step, Out of Box, Cuts Bases, Instincts / Reads, Aggressiveness



Ratings – Coachability, Rapport w/ Team, Work Ethic, Confidence, Compete Level, Attention Level, Situational Awareness, Decision-Making, Positioning


Quickly and easily add comments and video to any rating to help your players — and their parents — see what you’re seeing, gain understanding, and get to what’s next.


PowerPlayer Baseball data adds up fast, and helps create a complete picture of a player in a very short time. And video and comments are a fantastic way to communicate to players and parents with clarity and purpose.

“Our job is to nurture and develop young talent, and the kind of information that PowerPlayer Baseball helps track and deliver is invaluable when it comes to players understanding and taking advantage of what their coaches are telling them. The PowerPlayer platform rounds out the kind of data we want to be able to provide to our athletes. It’s the missing ingredient in the development process.”

Eddie Gonzales
President, CEO and Director of Baseball, Empire Professional Baseball League
Tampa, FL

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